Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's Raining in Baltimore

Today's a lazy, rainy Saturday. I have to work at 4, and of course, don't want to. Le sigh. I also don't want to study for my Project Management Midterm that is on Monday. Guess I'll get around to that tomorrow and Monday morning before the exam, haha. I still need to make my cheat sheet for the problem solving portion too. Not to mention I'm baking cupcakes for a coworker's birthday tomorrow and of course working. When's a girl got time to study? Cupcakes > studying.

Speaking of cupcakes! I need to find a good resource for creating recipes, best way to make test batches, baking in bulk, and what to charge. Anyone have any insight into any of that? My first big *paying* order is next month -- a coworker's daughter's birthday party. Luckily she knew exactly what she wanted: Strawberry Cupcakes with Turquoise Buttercream, Chocolate Cupcakes with Green Buttercream both on the cupcake and inside, and Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Buttercream. The party is beach themed, so I plan to make some fondant decorations [palm trees, flip flops, sunglasses, and/or beach balls were their ideas]. I still haven't messed around with fondant that much so I'm really going to have to practice [and soon!] I've been looking online for some fondant molds that might make all of that a little easier too.

I'm also going to be baking for Cupcake Camp DC in September! I'm really excited about this, and I think it will be a great learning experience for me. The boy is going to accompany me and I think we're going to make a weekend out of it and *finally* get to DC to sight-see [and taste cupcakes of course!] I'm still trying to finalize what I'm going to be making so that I can send in my registration form. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a Chocolate Cupcake with a Vanilla Raspberry Buttercream. And I haven't decided if I'm going to fill the cupcakes or not. I'm also trying to decide whether or not to do a second flavor for judging. Decisions, decisions!

I really need to take a day or two and do nothing but test recipes. But I need to figure out the most economical way to do so so that I am not wasting a lot of money/product/time. I need to perfect my Strawberry Cupcake recipe [everyone at works RAVES about it, but I need to tweak it out and write down exactly how much strawberry I'm using so that I'm not guessing every time.] I also need to find a really good base recipe for chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. I haven't been wowed by the ones I've made and I don't think many others have either. I also need to perfect the Margarita Cupcake. Luckily the best friend is honest and up front and told me what she didn't like about them so I pretty much know what I need to change about them. 

I really wish I didn't have class right now so that I would have more time to do more cupcake-related things. I've got so many ideas and things I need to do but no time to sit down and get to it! Obviously school is the most important thing right now but since cupcakes are what I want to do with my life, I need to set aside more time for it. Which also means getting a logo made up and really starting to get the business out there.

Well, If I'm not going to study I guess I could straighten up the office and start looking for some more cupcake resources online. Please comment if you have some good links!


Anonymous Michelle said...

RE: Testing cupcakes, it's never hard to find people who want to taste test your recipes. I always talk to friends about new recipes I want to try and they beg me to be able to taste test. I also try and tie test batches with parties. Obviously you want to bring a good product to a party but I think people don't really care if it's not perfect. They just want the sweets and hopefully will give you honest reviews if you ask for them.

July 10, 2010 at 5:14 PM  
Blogger Stephy said...

Oh I've definitely got people to taste test them, it's just a matter of trying to figure out the best way to bake-test them. I know I can halve some recipes so that I'm not making a full batch, and with vegan cupcakes they generally only make 12 so I'm not wasting too much, but I wasn't sure if there was any specifics anywhere that say "this is the best way to make a test batch of a new recipe" etc.

July 11, 2010 at 12:47 PM  

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